Credit for retirees with low pensions

Croatia is getting older, with warnings from the Bureau of Statistics and numerous demographic experts. The proportion over the age of 65 is about 19 percent, and it is estimated that this number could double in ten years. Given the low standard of living, some people delay going to peace, and those already in it try to make ends meet. Retirees cannot afford any luxury items, especially because banks do not look at them favorably because of the risks they entail. Credit institutions and other financial institutions have adapted their portfolio of services precisely to older people who have lower incomes.

Life expectancy has extended and older people live significantly differently from retirees 30 years ago. This is due to greater health concerns and a more active lifestyle that they do not want to give up when they retire. Given their low pensions, they are mostly looking for smaller sums of money and a shorter repayment period that they can quickly repay.

What about when the pension is low?

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Most banks have a pension limit below which they do not provide loans to retirees. Loans for low-retirement pensioners are usually not part of their offer because there is a fear that they will not be repaid due to low earnings. Credit companies look at this differently and are open to all clients, and the most important thing for them is that their current account is not protected or blocked and that a potential client regularly settles their debts. With this in mind, they have designed a loan offer for low-income retirees to give low-income people the same opportunity as anyone else.

Until the retirement loan from the comfort of your own home

 Until the retirement loan from the comfort of your own home

The biggest advantage of low retirement pension credit is that it does not require a lot of paperwork and money can be reached without leaving home, which is often a problem for older people. The application is submitted online within minutes.

Loans for pensioners with small pensions are due in 15 minutes

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Loans for pensioners with small pensions are paid directly into the checking account and very soon after successful application. This implies that all documentation is complete. Any unpredictable situation can put a strain on your home budget, but it’s important to respond in time so that it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem. It is precisely for such situations that loans for pensioners with small pensions are designed.