How to borrow money from a friend


Banks are qualified to make loans to companies and individuals, but to do so, it is essential to offer guarantees and meet the requirements that the financial institution determines as requirements to enable the loan.

Borrow money from a friend

Borrow money from a friend

The appropriated credits have increased a lot in the last times, but that modality of loan that for the banks is one of the safest, the applicant needs to be a client of the bank or be a public official, retired or pensioner of the social security to be considered for the service, but that is not the scenario of all those who lack capital.

For those who do not have sources of guarantee, formal employment or who are with credit restriction and in need of money urgently, the most real possibility is to borrow from a friend. Borrowing money is a source of shame for most people. The reasons for this consternation are tied to pride, because when asking to be exposed, which for many people is cause for shame when contemplating the fact that other people will know their true situation. Another reason that overwhelms is knowing the right moment to speak to the friend so that he feels compassion and does not reject the request.

In fact it is a matter that takes away the sleep of many people, but there is no reason to keep originating so much congola, after all, if the friend does not lend, he will quickly find out.

When you talk about the loan with your friend, tell him or her beforehand that both you and him or her meet alone because the participation of third parties at that time will only lend to increase the conflict you feel about touching the issue. Also, being alone will give the friend more freedom to respond. Speak clearly without creating detours to get to the point. This behavior suggests that the value to request is very high and creates negative expectations of suspense.

Before speaking with your friend, take out the accounts and examine how much it will delay in paying and, if you paid in installments, how many would be. It is essential to discuss, exposing solutions on your part and goodwill to fulfill your commitment.

Take a positive position in front of him / her, look him in the eyes and talk calmly, as if you were talking about another confidential topic. The friend will perceive from his body reading that he has real intentions to fulfill the commitment to pay.

Keep in mind: it is very fundamental in fact to pay if you manage to get the money borrowed so as not to lose your friend, if the need arises in the future, you will have a vote of confidence from him / her.

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October 27, 2018